Redevelopment Project

Redevelopment of the L.F. Wade International Airport’s passenger terminal building is one of the largest infrastructure investments in Bermuda’s history. At a cost of just under $300 million, construction of the new two-level building is a 40-month project with completion planned in July 2020.


It is the mandate of the Bermuda Airport Authority to oversee the quality construction of the new air terminal building while ensuring that the existing facility is adequately maintained and operating in accordance with international civil aviation, safety, security and environmental standards.


The Airport Authority reviews design submittals and monitors construction progress to ensure that contractual obligations are met as set out in the Project Agreement with Bermuda Skyport Corporation Limited. The Authority’s technical staff work with independent professional specialist consultants to verify financial compliance and provide assurance that contractual specifications are being fulfilled within the agreed timelines, budget and quality standards.


It is estimated that approximately 200 local Bermuda companies have so far benefitted from the expanded economic activity stemming from the airport terminal redevelopment. These include companies working at the Airport site and others providing required products and services as a result of increased Airport activities.  


When the new air terminal opens for business, the Bermuda Airport Authority will continue to oversee Bermuda Skyport Corporation Limited’s daily operations of the new facility through to 2047. The Authority will monitor performance against key performance indicators contained within the Project Agreement. The key performance indicators include, but are not limited to, operational efficiency, energy consumption, increased passenger numbers and improved customer experience. 


The economy of Bermuda is reliant on international business and tourism. As such, both industries are heavily dependent on safe, secure and efficient air travel. The Bermuda Airport Authority’s oversight is focused on enabling Bermuda to effectively meet and exceed travellers’ expectations consistent with international airport standards, regulations, technological advancements and service trends.