Jeannie SigginsM. Jean Siggins

Ms. Siggins began her aviation career with BOAC in 1973 as secretary to the Catering Manager. She later transferred to the airport, where she worked in all aspects of passenger service and operational functions. It was during this time that BOAC amalgamated with British European Airlines to form British Airways.


Receiving her aviation training at the British Airways Training Centre in London, UK, Ms. Siggins was awarded Certification for Passenger Services, Cargo Services and Aircraft Weight and Balance.


She then continued studies in Flight Planning, Meteorology, Air Navigation Services, Station Operations Duties and Form of Earth, and received a Diploma in Operational Control Service Duties.


Over several years, Ms. Siggins served as Airport Duty Manager at the Bermuda International Airport. She later joined the Department of Civil Aviation (now Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority - BCAA) as Aerodrome Inspector. Her responsibilities included, regulatory oversight of the aerodrome, air traffic control, ground electronic services, meteorology, rescue and firefighting services. She worked in conjunction with Air Safety Support Services (ASSI) in the UK, the regulators of all aviation activities within the Overseas Territories.


Ms. Siggins received qualifications for aerodrome oversight, safety management services and auditing (including ISO9001) with ASSI in the UK, the FAA in Oklahoma and International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal. At Cranfield University in the UK, she was certified as an Accident Investigation Manager for Bermuda. Ms Siggins retired from BCAA in 2019 after 14 years.